PUMPKINTOWN - A Fall Festival Celebrating History, Heritage & Harvest
Do you know that without volunteers Pumpkintown would just not happen!!
That's why we need YOU our wonderful community friends, to be our festival-day-on-the-ground crew!!
Contact Frances Witt-McMahan at 368-1703 for information or fill out the form below...
Here's an opportunity to meet new friends, hang out with your 'peeps', be a V.A.P. (very appreciated person) and have a great time at PUMPKINTOWN........
Contact Information
Interested In Helping:
Friday evening 4pm to 6pm
Saturday morning 7am to 10am
Saturday midday 10a to 1pm
Saturday afternoon 1pm to 4pm
Saturday clean up crew 4pm to 6pm
Activity Preferred:
All volunteer jobs are short, 1 1/2 to 2 hour 'shifts'. You are welcome do more than one if you want to.....we appreciate you regardless!
Bring a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, make it a great church or family project, to give back to the community for a few hours at the festival.
You'll  be there any way :-)....
Here are some of the 'jobs' available:
Vendor Check-in
 Load-in Assistance
 Booth Angels
 Parking Lot Attendants
Vendor Care Desk
T-Shirt Sales
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