List of 2017 top festival in Singapore Word


Singapore is a country of profoundly diverse races, cultures and hence holiday events. Consequently, captivating secular and religious events take place, and guests are best advised to participate in them, irrespective of their cultural/religious allegiance. During such events, the country’s ethnic communes transform into brilliantly lit festival zones where travelers dream to go. Below is a List of 2017 top festival in Singapore.

1. Grand Prix Singapore 2017(September 15-17, 2017)

The event races back with a thump effectively lighting up the city with a broad range of stimulating activities both on and off the tracks. For fans of motorsports and holiday makers, this festival is a must-attend. Attendants are blown away by adrenaline-pumping races against Singapore’s glittering cityscape as the very best race drivers, despite the complaining about the summer heat, compete for the sought-after championship title. As for the entertainment during the event, famous performers and entertainers grace the occasion delivering headlining acts that add pomp and color to the festival.

2. Food Festival

Singapore’s food mad culture come to a climax during the annual Food Festival celebrated every July. The country’s food culinary heritage rise to the occasion during the festival as local and international chefs showcase their exceptional skills and various venues spread throughout the island. Themed food events, culinary workshops, cooking competitions, lectures and much more overseen by distinguished chefs usher visitors to sample flavors from various parts of the world. If any guest fails to attend the Festival, they have another alternative; hotels and restaurants offer attractive deals on foods on the same month (July).

3. Various Music Festivals

Crowds gather as speakers pump during the several music festivals in Singapore where there is something for everyone regardless of one’s favorite music genre. For instance, at Neon Lights, the most exciting music, and art festival, visitors should expect to have a perfect time irrespective of their age or preferred music type. The stellar show features different local and international performers. St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, yet another captivating music festival held all January, holiday makers get more than 12 hours of electrifying music, tasteful food and plenty of fun. Fans of jazz get their treat in Singapore International Jazz Festival.

4. Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditionally celebrated to give thanks to the gods, Mid-Autumn is all about lunar appreciation. Since it takes place when the moon is at its brightest, the celebrations go full swing immediately the sun sets. Some of the favorite ways to enjoy the occasion include moon-viewing parties. The festival provides an opportunity for family members and friends to spend time in gardens, brightly lit by paper lanterns, as they sip tea, nibble moon cakes, and bond. Women get to wear beautiful clothes from traditional Muslimah outfits to classic dresses. Children get their dream treat toting lanterns. On many parts of the island, large beautiful lights are on display allowing visitors to marvel at the great ingenuity, artistry, and traditional craft.


Thanks to the country’s rich cultural, racial and religious miscellany, Singapore is a country of many great festivals. From religious to music to traditional events, a visitor is spoilt for choice when it comes to festivities. The above list is, therefore, just but a representation of the country’s stunning events and performances.