Considering the fact that Singapore is a melting pot of numerous cultures and races, rest assured that their cuisine has a lot to offer from street foods to expensive Michelin-starred haute cuisine. If you are going to visit Singapore, here are the following food festivals you shouldn’t miss!

  1.    STREAT

The highlight of SFF Event, the Streat that occurs from the 14th to 15th day of July. Most of the time, the Peranakan chef Malcolm Lee and Wild Rocket’s chef Willin Low are assigned to serve modern Peranakan Tok Panjang and Mod-Sin to their guests. You can enjoy their unique and local dishes and can even expect the Good Chance Popiah as well!

  1.    Singapore Food Festival

The annual Singapore Food Festival showcases the local cuisines every Singaporean have grown accustomed to. Roaming the island you will surely bump into a dining hotspot, food stalls, and food events around the area. Most of the Singaporeans celebrate the food festival in order to commemorate their past by serving it to their guests. Aside from that, rest assured that Singapore’s best chefs and cooks will be there to serve you.

  1.    World Gourmet Summit

If you want to experience fine dining, you should participate in the World Gourmet Summit featuring the master chefs to serve you. You can watch the master chefs work their magic in the kitchen, participate in wine tasting, and enjoy a peaceful dinner at the exclusive restaurants. Expect to see the famous chef Christian Escriba, Indonesian cuisine pioneer Petty Elliott and the talented Roca brothers as well. This food festival is highly recommended for those who wanted to experience culinary excellence.

  1.    Singapore Cocktail Festival

Perhaps you are a fan of wines and beers? Good thing for you, the Singaporeans also celebrate Singapore Cocktail Festival where you can enjoy the watering holes and be served by expert mixologists in town. You can visit numerous cocktail workshops, join a cocktail tour, and maybe gain a friend or two by just drinking wine and exchanging opinion. Guests bartenders such as Alex Kratena, Hiroyasu Kayama, and Terry Kim will all be there too!

  1.    Singapore Restaurant Week

If you want to experience restaurant hopping, the Singapore Restaurant Week is the best food festival for you. Just choose the best restaurant and enjoy a three-course lunch at a great price. It’s a week-long event that will cater hungry Singaporeans and tourists of their best dishes. Make sure that you book as soon as possible because this week is heaven for food bloggers and will mostly make sure to reserve a table or two of the best restaurants.

These are just the best food festivals that you can enjoy while you are in Singapore. It will not only fill your stomach but will also let you have a glimpse of the Singaporean history and learn more about their culture. Traveling to Singapore has never been more fun with eating various local cuisines and enjoying great wine.