As people become more aware of the possible dangers of contaminated water the popularity of water filter singapore has soared. this is not ro say that all sources of municipality supplied water are necessarily bad for your health – however, aging water delivery piping and soaring urban populations have meant that the level of contaminants in water has increased. The decision to purchase the  best water filter can, however, be one that is challenging- there are simply so many models on the market – and the choice is largely dependent on the requirements of each household – and exactly what contaminants need to be removed in order to enjoy healthy water.


To make your purchase a little easier here are some of the best water filters currently on the market.

For smaller families, one of the best water filters on the market is produced by Aquagear. The Aquagear 8-Cup (half a gallon) Water Filter Pitcher is pricey – it retails at about three times the price of other brands such as Brita, but for the money, you will be purchasing a water filter that surpasses even the most stringent of laboratory teats. The five-stage filter will remove 90 to 99% of fluoride, mercury and chloramine, as well as many other common contaminants. In addition, it will also remove traces of lead from water – which other types of filters may not do. The filter also lasts up to six months which provides excellent value when compared to the filters provided by other manufacturers which typically only last between three and six months.

According to a water filter review, or larger families (up to six people) the ‘Big Berkey’ Gravity-Fed Water Filter is ideal. This water filter will remove fluoride and arsenic and also surpasses the standards set by the EPA and international accreditation standards. The filter is guaranteed to remove up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria. The unit holds 2.25 gallons – but buyers should be aware that the effectiveness of the filter means that it processes water fairly slowly. The complexity of the filter elements in this unit mean that each will have a different lifespan so users need to keep track of each element. the good news if the each element does boast an above-average lifespan and that replacement filter elements are widely available from online retailers such as Amazon.

For those households that demand the very best of water filters, reverse osmosis systems are incredible value. These types of filters will remove nearly 100% of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, and other chemicals, and reduce the levels of hormones in the water. One of the best on the market is the Home Master ‘Artesian Reverse Osmosis System’. This unit will fir under the kitchen sink due to its bulky nature. A plus to purchasing this type of unit is that it actually adds back healthy trace elements such as minerals during the filtration process. It boasts a seven stage filtration process, however those who are not skilled in DIYmay require the assistance of a [professional installer to get the unit up and running.

Having a water filter in the home provides peace of mind that the entire family will have access to clean, potable water at all times. A little research will help the homeowner select the water filter that is right for their household.