The plumbing system is a complex system that runs through the structures of a building.  It carries water which is used for drinking for the occupants of the building. It may also carry wastewater from every drain through the drainage system. It also brings water for heat and ventilation purposes. Its importance is seen in all designs for a building.  You will not want a complex problem in the system, so you need to check for small symptoms, that may lead to a bigger problem.  Here are some basic things to consider to be able to diagnose the problem correctly in your plumbing system.

Water Consumption. The first thing that people commonly used as a gauge that something is wrong in the system is the sudden rise in the water consumption.  Usually, households maintain an average water consumption.  A sudden increase in the meter reading, suggest a defect in the system.

  1. Check the meter.  You might want to close all the water faucets while looking at the meter. When the meter keeps on running and counting, when everything is closed, there should be a leak somewhere in the system.
  2. Water Pressure. Check the water pressure by opening the faucet for a few minutes.  Weak pressure suggests a leak in the connections.  It may also be caused by clog up pipe. Clog up pipes will cause a weak pressure.
  3. Water Drippings. Leaks within the pipes will cause water to drip towards the floor. Small leaks can be noticed when you see the pipe has moist or a little bit wet.  It may be caused by cracks in the pipes or clog pipes, where water find an opening through unsealed connections. You may need to go through the piping from the main line towards the kitchen, below the sinks, bathroom and toilet and the flush valves.  You also need to check the baseboards and every plumbing fixture.
  4. Rubber Gaskets. It is also worth to check all the rubber gaskets in the system. Worn out gaskets will cause leaks in the faucets.
  5. The color of the Water. Check also the color of the water that comes out from the faucet. Brown color or dirty color of the water will suggest that dirt and soil were able to enter the system through an opening in the pipes.  It may be a crack pipe, a loose pipe or connection.

Those are some of the basic ways to diagnose a problem in the system.  A defective plumbing system will cause a big problem for the occupants of the building.  It will cause discomfort among people in those business establishments. Thus productivity among workers is low.  To avoid such problems, building owners should include in the contract, maintenance of the plumbing system.  They should not allow people who do not have the skills, knowledge, and training to fix a problem temporarily. The plumbing system is so complicated. If a problem is left unattended, it will cause a bigger problem, which may result in heavy financial losses to the business. To know more about the best plumber in Singapore, follow us.