Consumers usually think of calling plumbing services when their pipes are no longer working, and their heaters are broken. Often we forget that plumbing services offer so much more than that. There are a lot of plumbing services that we do not know they can do. Instead of having you splashed out for doing the pipes fixed; get to know the different services offered by singapore plumbing contractor.

Cleaning the drain

Kitchen and bathroom drain usually get clogged by debris and hair accumulated when draining. These tiny bits of debris are the culprit of drains no longer draining. The solution for this is, of course, a good plumber. Call your plumbing contractor because they are just the men for this job. They have the expertise and tools to make your drains working again.


The most common service that plumbing contractors such as SG#1 Plumber offer is leak repair. These leaks are just too good of a hassle to your everyday life. If these small leaks are left on its own, your whole living room might turn into a pool. Making sure that leaks are fixed carefully, you need a trained plumber and stop thinking you can do it yourself because you might be able to stop the leak for now but the main issue might just still be there. This will just drag your problem longer. Your time might just be as well saved.

Repairing the toilet

Isn’t it revolting when you find out your toilet is messed up? Yes, it’s time to call your friend plumber to the rescue. Toilets are a bit messy to fix yourself. You would need special tools and the expertise to revert your comfort chair fully.  They can fix your toilet issues from flushing to clogging.

Repairing the sewer

This is a bit gross to handle. Your sewer being smelly, noisy and not draining would need your best buddy of the pipes. Your plumber would surely be able to pinpoint the issue and make the fixing of your sewer in no time. Plumbers also inspect to check how the problem can be fixed. They can estimate the time needed for the fixing as well as the cost of the job.


Water heater installation

You can bet yourself that plumbers can do water heater installation. One of the best inventions is the water heater. If not for it, how can you manage to take a bath in the morning? There are just a lot of ways to heat your water for bathing nowadays. You can have a consultation with your plumbing contractors to see which method best suits your home. Surely, no more cold morning baths and having that shivery cold water down your back.

These are only few of the services available and offered by plumbing contractors. I’m pretty sure there are still a lot more. Some even have specialized services that are not offered by other contractors. Contact your local contractors today to see what amazing services they can do for you.